Why 8 week challenges are so good!

Why does the 8 week challenge work so well?


8 weeks offers a short enough time to stay focused but long enough to get some really good results.

They also typically give you a different type of training program which is a big reason why, if you commit to everything within the challenge, you see and feel the full effect of the results.

When you train the same, you get the same. And if you don’t “surprise” or “shock” the body every now and again, you will plateau and this is why, if you commit to the program, you can really get the transformation they offer.

Eating is a big part of the challenges too, whether you are trying to gain muscle or lose body fat. You can’t out train a bad diet. So with some good quality nutrition advice, coupled with a great exercise program and a length of time that you can focus for, it’s the perfect mix for a solution most people are striving for.

Throughout the year people can get distracted with work, life and everything in between, so it’s a really fun and easy way to get results when you have a simple, effective plan to follow and you train with like minded people. Being around the people who are striving for the same result and a really positive atmosphere provided by the trainer, sometimes your hard work can feel more like fun! And if it’s fun, you are more likely to commit to it long term.

So how do you keep the results you get from your 8 week challenge?

Find a challenge and a trainer that educate you. So it’s more than just eat this and do this. It’s the WHY behind everything you do and some knowledge around the mindset of habits. Because your daily habits determine your outcome.  🙂

Our next challenge starts Monday 17th January.

We would love to have you with us 🙂


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