5 things that make exercising easier

Exercising is that thing that everyone needs in order to keep your bones strong especially as we age, keep you fit so you can make a quick dash out of the rain without having a heart attack and generally staying healthy. But sometimes all of the science still isn’t enough to get you to a […]

What happened to my new year’s resolution?

So we are 6 weeks into the year and the motivation behind the new years resolution has gone, and you might have started to think it’s all doom and gloom and “I’ll start again next year”. The stats behind the success rate of people actually achieving their new years resolution is 20%. Pretty low really. […]

Why Winter running is so good for you!

So it gets a little chilly outside and then you start to think, “you know what, I think I will start running again in November.” But then November comes and it’s too hot. “Oh the sun!” Sound familiar? Ok, maybe not exactly like this but you get the point that when the weather changes you […]

Top tips for training in Winter

We have Winter and boy has the temperature dropped! Also, you may have noticed your motivation for your early morning classes may also have dropped because, well, bed is just too dam warm! You may have heard “Summer bodies are made in Winter” and to be honest, it’s true. Staying on track in Winter is […]

Injuries and the road to recovery

Injuries are never welcome. They always come at the wrong time and can be painful to deal with. They are however almost inevitable at some point in our lives, no matter how careful we are. Even the smallest injury can set you back for a short time in your life. Knowing how to deal with […]

The guy I met in the coffee shop …

I got chatting with a guy the other day while we were getting coffee and once he found out what I do for a living, he let me know what he really thinks of gyms. I quickly realised it was not a time for a sales pitch ha ha   He said “I used to […]

Protein hacks

Protein. We are told we need it but why? And how do I know if I am getting enough? Protein is one of the 3 macros we need to hit everyday, Fats, Carbs and Proteins are your 3 macros. It helps balance sugar levels, curb cravings, build, maintain and repair muscle and therefore is essential […]

Coffee – do I need to give it up?

One of the most popular topics is around coffee.   When I start going through someone’s daily food intake, I always ask do you drink coffee, if so, how much. Nearly always the person says ” I really need to give it up” or “Are you going to tell me to give it up”? My […]