Motivation …. when will it arrive?

Coming to the end of the year and I start to notice a lot of people lose their high levels of motivation as they start to wind down for the year. I get it. We get tired and need a break to refresh and recharge for the year to come.   But during the year […]

Naps. Do they really make a difference?

Motivation at Achieving You Gym

How to make the most out of your naps   Everyone loves a good sleep, from Sunday morning sleep ins to that midday nap on the couch. But is there a way we can optimize our sleep for better performance during the day?   We all know the basic sleeping 8+ hours a night is […]

Why Monday workouts are so important

Monday sets the stage for the week. They start the week off with a bang and set you up with good intentions for the whole week. Even if s**t hits the fan during the week, you know you got one workout under your belt.   Weekends can also be a time for some slight downward […]

Weight loss … why isn’t it working?

When clients come to me, frustrated that they aren’t losing weight I start with the questions: How much water are you drinking How much sleep are you getting How are your stress levels I then of course ask what are you eating and how much exercise are you doing? But I find the first 3 […]

To run with or without music?


A question I get asked a lot “can I run with music?” when people are joining our run club. While I would rather you mingle with the group, and experience the group atmosphere of run club, here are a few ideas about running with and without music. People run for a variety of reasons; weight […]

Would you buy it if it was full price?

Somehow you have ingested a chocolate bar that you just brought at the supermarket, and it’s almost dinner time. Were you even hungry for it? Were you craving chocolate? Can’t remember. How did this happen? And why?   Let’s back track. You were shopping for dinner after work and you were going along perfectly fine […]

Winter weight loss tips

Winter is almost here. The days are getting shorter, the mornings are darker and colder and it’s difficult to get excited about green salad and outdoor training sessions. Unfortunately, the cold weather can lead to bad habits including comfort eating, missing your early morning training sessions, or just generally doing less incidental exercise. The sunshine […]