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Personal training is an effective way to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our personal trainers give you the one-on-one attention you need to help you along your health and fitness journey. We listen carefully to you to learn about your health and fitness goals so we can help you achieve the results you want.

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Strength is not just about adding weight to the bar or the bench. Our strength and conditioning classes include power techniques such as barbell snatch, clean and jerks, that can help you become stronger. We play around with strong-man exercises such as fat grip exercises and sumo lifts that build both physical and mental strength.

Our membership offers group fitness classes focusing on strength and core as part of your exercise routine.


Our specialised weight loss programs will help you build healthy habits that last a lifetime. At Achieving You, we take a holistic approach to weight loss and tackle the physical and the mental barriers that prevent clients from succeeding.

We have created an amazing community of people on a similar journey who, through our challenges and programs, have learnt new things about themselves and their bodies. It is important for us to find solutions for people who have struggled with their weight for long periods of time.

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We have specifically designed our group fitness classes to be suitable for all fitness levels.

We understand our clients want to change up the intensity of their workouts depending on their fitness goals and will teach you how to develop your workout so you can get the intensity you need in a shorter period.

Our group classes and run club are fantastic ways to improve your fitness in a group training community environment.


Exercise plays an important role during and after pregnancy. When you’re fit and strong, you not only have more stamina, needed for labour, you can also reduce your recovery time after your baby is born.

Likewise, exercise can help new mums get back to their pre-pregnancy fitness levels, and (just as importantly) also stay sane by providing some necessary ‘time out’ and stress relief.

At Achieving You, we believe parents who include exercise as part of their daily routine are laying the groundwork for healthy habits in their babies and toddlers. And so we offer baby friendly group training options.

The best bit? You become an important role model to your new child’s life as your baby can come to class with you!

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We pride ourselves on helping everyone find their love of running. Not only is running the ideal exercise that gives you cardio and resistance training all in one, it builds bone density and boosts your Vitamin D—essential for happiness.

We offer two running group sessions per week. During the year, we offer different running programs focusing on technique, speed and distance. These programs are for people just starting out and for more experienced runners.

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For over six years, we have worked closely with Seniors, both individually and in small groups. Exercise is vital for helping the neurotransmitters in the brain to re-stimulate and create new pathways. This is important in helping to prevent accidents and falls.

Seniors benefit from not only the strength aspect of exercise but also the important social interaction they receive. The entire experience of the session is an outing for them with a fresh face that can make a big difference to their week. It’s a complete package.


We incorporate a range of different programs and challenges throughout the year. From weight loss, Pilates to improve posture, to athletic and core programs, to 6 Week Fitness Challenges, and more. Our challenges can take place at our community fitness club or as part of your home workout.

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