Meet our Team

At the heart of Achieving You are our friendly, helpful and experienced staff. Whether you’re doing group fitness, running group or personal training sessions as part of your exercise routine – you are never on your journey alone.

We take pride in our community fitness values and our club members are part of our extended family!

Janet McMinn

Janet McMinn

Owner; Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Janet is Achieving You Fitness Centre Owner; Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Run Club Leader.

With over 12 years’ experience in Personal Training and over 17 years’ in Group Fitness, Janet is extremely passionate about health and fitness and helping everyone achieve their goal. She is a highly motivated person who knows the importance of work life balance.

Janet currently teaches new Personal Training students at Fitnation, has previously taught students at UQ and enjoys the fact that she can help give new professionals the tools they need to enter the fitness industry.

Janet also works with clients from AAQ (Alzheimer’s Australia Queensland) on a weekly basis to improve their capacity and has a lot of fun with them doing this.

Her favourite types of training are functional strength training on the rings and running.

If you want to improve posture, lose weight, join group training, or incorporate an online training session into your home workout, Janet can help you achieve your goals.

Alex Hinton

Alex Hinton

Group Fitness Instructor

Alex has been teaching group fitness for six years, and believes strongly in the power of movement to develop mental and physical health.

Her favorite way to stay active is with mat Pilates, enjoying the challenge of control, self-awareness and precision it demands. In the rare moments she’s not in active wear, Alex can be found studying and teaching science.

Whether you‘re a regular, your first day into fitness, or you’re returning from injury, Alex is excited to work with you in class as you build towards your goals and strengthening healthy habits.

Hayden Rawson

Group Fitness Instructor

Hayden has always been involved with sports for as long as he can remember.

His early passion for science led me to a no brainier decision to use that
knowledge to assist others in achieving their full health and fitness potential; whether it be for an accountant or Olympian.

He believes there is nothing as a trainer is more satisfying
than watching his clients achieve their goals; RESULT BASED TRAINING!
Additionally, he has studied Sports Science at UQ and loves applying that knowledge to gym based scenarios.

Hayden specializes in strength and conditioning but loves a full on HIIT session too!

Sam Byrne

Sam Byrne

Group Fitness Instructor

Sam is a professional and dedicated personal trainer with a wealth of experience in various fields within the health and fitness industry.
Sam’s fitness journey has played an essential role in his life and he loves helping people progress along their journey experiencing the same thing.

He believes every program is unique, because every client is unique.
When you tell Sam about your health and fitness goals, he’ll build you a roadmap to get there.

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