Achieving You is a community that encourages you every single day to be the happiest, strongest and healthiest version of you!


GROUP FITNESS – 16 face to face classes personalised to suit your individual fitness level, strength ability and injury requirements.

PERSONAL TRAINING – One-on-one specialty training for those looking to focus on your personal goals.

RUN CLUB – An encouraging group from beginners to hard core, everyone will fit in because we all start at the same level!

HOME WORKOUTS – Great for new mums and people who travel! Work out in your own home with PT offered via ZOOM.

PREGNANCY & NEW MUMS – Exercise plays an important role during and after pregnancy. Mums are catered for in our selection of baby friendly classes or Personal Training sessions.

PROGRAMS & CHALLENGES – Weight loss, strength training, toning up, core strength, we cover it all! Our programs & challenges are successful because they offer practical solutions to your everyday situations.

At Achieving You we realise that there is no one size fits all approach to fitness, so our classes are always focused on YOU and giving you the best session for your body.

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“New Year New You 8 week challenge was hugely motivational. 

Thanks Janet for helping to restore some quality fitness, routine and healthy eating habits back into my life!

Weekly live chat sessions were excellent and the 2x1hr PT sessions each week absolutely exhausting. 

Janet adapted the group sessions to focus on rebuilding some much need strength so that I could return to running after 3 months of constant injury.

Loving the new fitness regime  – even COVID 19 can’t stop it!”

I had five children within an 8 year period and I hadn’t exercised regularly for a number of years. My energy levels were low and a number of health issues, particularly relevant to women’s health issues, began to escalate. I had to consult a gynocologist and he recommended a hysterectomy. It was after this consult that I decided that it was time to engage in regular exercise particularly if I was required to have surgery down the track. This is when I started training with Janet from Achieving You, initially twice a week and then I increased to three times a week after 4 weeks. Janet knew that my fitness level was low so we started right at the beginning with body weight exercises progressively adding weight and resistance. Janet helped me to sort out my diet and to plan meals ahead. By turning up to training 3x a week and sticking to a healthy diet, I was able to lose 8kgs in 10 weeks. I absolutely love being able to wear clothes that I’ve had stored away for years. I love the positive changes that I can see taking shapes in my body. The biggest positive is that, I no longer have painful irregular cycles and won’t be lining up for surgery. I am so grateful to have Janet and I wish that I could take her on holidays with me! Very happy client and Mum of 5.


Christmas Challenge 2019

I was a last minute joiner to the Christmas Challenge this year. I’ve participated in a few challenges with Achieving You and have absolutely loved each one. This time however I was thinking that I’d been going along nicely with my weight loss (14 kilos to date since August) and I’d just hold off and ramp it up again in the new year. I’m so glad I had that last minute case of FOMO and decided to join.

I really needed that extra bit of motivation to ensure I didn’t get into a slump, especially leading into Christmas. The sessions are tough but also so much fun and always full of laughs.

In the 4 weeks I lost 4.5kg. I’m back running 3 times a week on top of the 3 sessions at Achieving You. This is huge for me 12 months after having my first baby.  I know this wouldn’t have been possible without Janet’s continued support. It’s like you have this little person in the background that is so heavily invested in you, constantly pushing you to go further than you think you can and picking you up and giving you another push when you’re having an off week. The support is so appreciated. I’m already looking forward to the next challenge.


EliseChristmas Challenge - 4 weeks

I joined the winter challenge as I kept promising myself that tomorrow I would start but kept letting myself down. I wanted to be more accountable for at least one month. Janet and her team kept me accountable, if I wasn’t there I would get a message checking what happened.

I started running 90 secs at a time and within the 4 weeks managed to get to 5km. I can almost call myself a runner albeit a slow one.
I also managed to lose 4kg. The weight loss was helped by the weekly group sessions where I got inspired to try new things like intermittent fasting.
Thanks for all the help Janet, I know I will feel so much more comfortable confident and strong for my wedding as a direct result of the challenge.
KatyWinter Wellness Program - 4 weeks

After spending the last few years exercise-wise, mainly doing my own thing, on my own, I got a little sick of my own company and thought it was time to join a group again for some camaraderie, consistency, laughter, support, and a technique check (by the way, it was pretty bad when I started)! Also, I could just turn up and get told what to do. On an early morning what more could you want!

I’ve always mainly been a runner but lost my mojo after a big race earlier this year and instead just wanted keep training simple and fun. A quick google search and I found Achieving You – not only was it local but the classes and the team looked great! After a nervous start on my part, I was warmly embraced by Janet and Flavio and the rest of the fabulous instructors and members. What a truly exceptional bunch they are. From the first class I was hooked, and I’ve even started running again!

The classes are always challenging (OMG!), always different, and ALWAYS make me finish feeling like I’ve been pushed to do my best (with much improved technique of course!!). Injuries are always accommodated and no-one gets left behind!

I really look forward to the smiles and company of the other members on these dark and cold winter mornings. I’m stronger, fitter, have lost a few cm’s along the way, and so glad I joined Achieving You

Hope it’s what you’re after!

StaceyAY Member
I joined achieving you in January this year after I thought “enough”. I was 51, very overweight, not making the right dietary choices and my body was exhausted.
I started with some PT sessions with Janet which I can’t recommend enough. Focusing on technique has made me realise I was doing exercises the wrong way for years. Janet was also very knowledgeable and helpful with getting me on the right path with my diet. No crazy deprivation just good choices! I also started doing the classes, and while they are tough, they are adjusted to your fitness level and strength. As the class sizes are smaller than most gyms you get maximum attention from the instructors to make sure your technique is right. I absolutely love the group classes! They are challenging but so much fun, and it’s so rewarding to notice how you improve over the weeks.

So 5 months on I am 2 dress sizes down, stronger, healthier and definitely happier. The whole team at Achieving You are so inspirational as are the other members. You feel part of a great family who really want you to succeed.

BronAY Member

2017 has been a big year for me professionally, but it has come at a price. I not only completely lost my mojo, but was stuck in a vicious cycle of emotional eating, guilt and negative self-talk. My weight was creeping up, and up, and up and my stress levels were through the roof. I couldn’t face another indulgent slide into Christmas with none of my clothes fitting me and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

When I heard Janet was running another 4 week pre-Christmas challenge, I wanted so much to join but managed to talk myself out of it half a dozen times. Haven’t I lost weight on my own before? Surely I can do it again? What could 4 weeks do anyway? At the 11th hour I told that little voice to be quiet and emailed Janet to sign me up before I could change my mind again. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did!

Training sessions were tough (464m of lunges anyone?) but achievable, with Janet’s encouragement and ability to adapt exercises to accommodate all fitness levels and any injuries. She made us believe we could do it, so we did. We might have sworn like sailors while dragging that sled around the oval but we did it! I went into the challenge wanting to reset my mindset, to have healthy choices the default setting and not something I was going to do “tomorrow“. Not only did I achieve this, but I lost 7cm from my waist and 2kg. My clothes fit again and I am excited about 2018.

Kellie4 Week Pre-Xmas Challenge

I have recently completed the 10 week lifestyle challenge at Achieving You Stafford.  I have been part of a previous challenge and knew that participating in the challenge would help me focus on my exercise routine and diet.  Jude is a great trainer who is focused on ensuring that everyone can participate in the training sessions and works to achieve their goals.  I enjoyed each session whether it was in the studio or out and about.  I finished the 10 weeks feeling healthier, happier and looking forward to exercising. Participating in the 10 week challenge has got me back to Achieving You and I am looking forward to the continued results!

Megan Benham 10 Week New Year Lifestyle Challenge

I first started doing PT with Janet 5 or 6 years ago following an injury which required rehab. I had already been going to gym classes, but as a result of the injury realized I was not as strong as I had thought, and lost a lot of confidence. Janet helped me regain function, strength and confidence. Janet has always shown interest in my goals, and has taken the time to know me as a person.  She is encouraging and optimistic and I trust her implicitly. I know that she won’t put me in a situation where I get hurt, and if she tells me I can do a particular exercise, I believe her. I have never been fitter, and as an added bonus, pt is cheaper and more effective for me than therapy 🙂

Tania LawrieLong term client of Janet McMinn

I was pretty sure that I was training hard and eating MOSTLY ok but I seemed to be getting nowhere. My motivation was slipping and more “treats” were creeping into my diet. I needed a ‘kick in the butt’ (or sled in the butt as the case may be ha ha ha ha). I didn’t sign up to the 4 week challenge to lose kilos or become a size 4, I just needed the expertise to help me figure out what I could do. My “immediate” goal of the challenge was improved definition (with a bit of fat loss on the way).

I got WAAAAAYYY more out of this challenge than I could have ever hoped for. Not only did I achieve my goal (with just a few “tweaks” rather than massive changes that I was less likely to stick to) but I have managed to start reprogramming my brain. I used to think I couldn’t eat “bad food” and I was depriving myself/missing out on all of the delicious treats which only made me crave them more but with Janet’s help, I no longer see it as deprivation – I actually just don’t even want these things in the first place. The challenge also introduced me to my new favourite concept “Whole Foods vs Soul Foods” and helped me to be a bit kinder to myself and actually allow me to ENJOY life.

Janet offered awesome support, was knowledgeable and made the changes WORK for me. The workouts were challenging as all hell but boy did they help and helped with building that mental strength to transfer to all aspects of food/exercise/life. The weekly topics helped to focus me and put fairly normal concepts into a way that made you think “this really isn’t that hard, why aren’t I just doing it”. 

I have never really been one for training as part of a group but the 4 Week Challenge really delivers. I would absolutely recommend it for anyone willing to put in the work and looking for that extra bit of a push to recalibrate.

L4 Week Pre-Xmas Challenge

I signed up for the 29 Day New Year New Body Program to start the year with a positive focus. I was feeling sluggish and out of shape having not seriously exercised for over 12 months. The information, structure, positivity and personal attention was what I needed to get me on track.

Training sessions with Janet always pushed me beyond my comfort level but with the support of Janet and the other ladies my ability, strength and confidence was increasing.

The clean eating information provided at the start of the program had plenty of variety and some great new alternatives to my not-so-healthy usual options. Along the way the group also offered their own clean

options and variations (both recipes and samples!) to add to the eating plan. I never felt hungry or that I was missing out and still lost 5kg on the program.

Each week Janet provided some great advice to help guide our thinking to make good choices, being positive and kind to ourselves, staying on track and how to stay focussed when the program was over.

Overall this is was a fantastic program! I am stronger and fitter than

before and I feel better from eating a cleaner diet. Importantly what I have learnt from the program will help me make better choices in the


Mandy29 Day New Year New You Program

Having not run a single kilometre in more than 7 years following three ankle operations and two babies, I signed up to Achieving You’s 6 Week Running Program with much trepidation and nervous anticipation. However, the program was paced for all types and fitness levels, and I never felt out or place or that I was too slow to participate. The group was full of lovely encouraging normal people (non-marathon types!), and Janet designed sessions that were interesting and challenging. Over the course of the program I went from running 3 kms to 8 kms, improved my pace and technique, lost weight and gained fitness, as well as reinvigorated my motivation to run as a regular part of my training routine.

Bec Landon 6 Week running program

I loved the 29 day program!

Such a great bunch of supportive and hilarious women.

I decided to get involved because of some unhelpful

eating patterns that were leaving me frequently

exhausted and unmotivated.  The things that worked for me when I was younger were no longer working (the joys of middle age!).

I have successfully changed my most unhelpful habits (chips and wine on a daily basis) and lost enough weight to be able to get back into some of my favourite clothes! Winning!

Thanks Janet for all your support and for sharing your knowledge!

Tania29 Day New Year New You Program


So many exciting new classes!

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Want to learn to run?   This is for you!

If you are already running and want to compete in a 10km or half marathon – this is for you.

The good thing about our running programs are that they are personalized. They will build you from your starting point. Each week will gradually build in all areas including skills, distance and pace, while incorporating essential strengthening exercises to create strong legs for efficient running.

We are always focused on building a strong foundation with running to avoid injuries, so you can keep running.

The program also gives access to close talks with Podiatrists to learn about the importance of shoes and recovery specialists when it comes to hydration.

Whether you are wanting to run for run or to compete, this program can get you there.

It is also a good lead in to Sunshine Coast run on 15 August or Bridge to Brisbane in September.

Start date: 21 June

Duration: 8 weeks


#2 specific running sessions – Mondays 5:15am speed session & Tuesdays 6pm strength and power session (both 45min)

# personalized 8 week running program

# Information session with Endura about hydration and the products they offer

# Information session with Shoes Feet Gear about shin splints and the best shoes for you

# Add on our usual run club sessions (Wed 6pm & Sat 6am) to get an optimal 4 sessions per week

Trainer: Janet

Want to give us a try?

Check us out for 14 days and see what you think

Contact Janet: 0427 167 288