Bounce Back Rate

What’s your bounce back rate?

It’s something I have been thinking about for a while. Everyone’s is different and life, influences, background can all effect our bounce back rate.

So what is it?

How quickly and how well do you recover after something hits you?

Things like; house getting flooded, COVID, loss of income as a result, relationship issues etc. All these things that happen to us and around us can effect our bounce back rate. Our ability to get back into our life. Resilience.

Your BBR can effect your weight loss or health and fitness journey significantly if you have trouble getting getting back on the wagon.

A smaller scale of the above examples could be, you go out for dinner and drink and eat W A Y too much, and that happens on Friday night. Then for the rest of the weekend you think “stuff it” and follow suit with too much of everything and very little exercise. I will start the diet Monday. Sound familiar?

Reducing your BBR, meaning you take less time to recover from the guilts would be beneficial here. You eat and drink too much Friday night, then wake up and do your usual 7am class Saturday followed by your usual eggs on toast and plenty of water. Getting back on the wagon in your next meal.  Treating the next day as a fresh start.

So, how can you reduce your BBR? Hang out with people who inspire you. You will always feel like lifting yourself up. Don’t live in the past. I am not saying don’t feel or talk about stuff. Hell, you NEED to do that. But your past doesn’t need to predict your future. Go easy on yourself. Remind yourself of your long term goals and keep moving towards them, 1 step at a time.


And as for the big night out Friday night? Enjoy it, just don’t do it all the time.  They will have more meaning when they are sporadic.