It’s not always going to be convenient …


Soz, but if you thought “changing” was going to be convenient, umm, it’s probably not. Well at least not at the start.

Change – as in your body, weight, strength, tone, whatever, if you want something different you have to do something different right?

And sometimes that means training at a time that might not be perfect for you.

I remember having a conversation with an old friend. She desperately wanted to loose weight but wasn’t really making any headway. When I asked about attending an early morning class, she said “that’s too early”. When I suggested a night class when her husband gets home, she said “I can’t exercise at night”. When I suggested the 9:15am class, she said that didn’t suit either because she has a daughter (even though the classes are baby friendly).

The outcome, she didn’t end up committing to anything.

Change is the hardest thing you will ever do, but when you really want something bad enough, you know you have to change something.

Have you ever noticed how when you have heaps of time you are less productive than those busy days? It’s funny isn’t it?!

Most of my workouts happen at random times, after lunch, mid afternoon with the kids sometimes when I am lucky I get a 10am session. Because, well I am working at my perfect timeslot – 6am. So my workout times are never convenient but the alternative? Well for me, there isn’t one. I love how I feel when I workout so I make it work.

So if you are looking at an 8 week program or starting a new routine, the first thing you notice might be “those times don’t suit me”. And they really might not. But sometimes you can make it work and achieve that goal you have been working towards for a long time, and that will def be worth it.


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The WHY game

So I played a little game to really try to help my client who has plateaued for a very long time. It was a game of WHY.

I wanted to find out exactly WHY he wanted to achieve his goal but more importantly to try to get him to attach an emotion to his goal.

Quite often I meet people who tell me what their goal is but they never really explore why it means so much to them. When you dig a little (or a lot) deeper to find what really drives them, you are finding their motivation and this is then the ingredient that can shape both the relationship of client + trainer and also whether they are successful in reaching their goal.

To call it a game is probably not very accurate as it can often bring up stuff they didn’t know was there. Trust me though, the intentions are always in the right place because as a trainer with over a decade of experience with people, we need to ask a lot of questions before we prescribe a solution.

So how did it go?

Well I asked my client 8 times WHY. I started with “why do you want to loose weight”, and after each answer I asked WHY. What was really fascinating about this was what came out of the answers. When I asked him to repeat back to me what he heard from our conversation, it announced was that he blamed something else for his plateau. It was his work. Some of you might relate to this. Work gets busy, kids, family commitments etc, sometimes it’s just overwhelming. I get it. Sometimes the juggle is just too much. However, if we want to achieve something we need to stay focused for a period of time.

So what he got out of it was where he was placing the responsibility.

A worthwhile game if you have been stuck for a long time.

Getting to the real answers is what I love. This is where the results are.

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