Top tips for training in Winter

We have Winter and boy has the temperature dropped! Also, you may have noticed your motivation for your early morning classes may also have dropped because, well, bed is just too dam warm!

You may have heard “Summer bodies are made in Winter” and to be honest, it’s true. Staying on track in Winter is what makes your Summer time training just so much easier!

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you get out of bed on the cold and dark mornings:

  1.  Love your winter outfit. I had a client who had a special outrageously beautiful jacket that was the only motivator that got her out of bed. Whatever it takes right?
  2. Wear warm clothes. It sounds silly but you probably know some people who say how cold it is yet they are still wearing the same clothes they do in Summer. Long pants are so much warmer than 3/4s. That 3 inches difference in material is a game changer. And invest in a warm jumper that makes getting out of the car into the gym a whole lot easier. It sounds silly but these little differences make a massive difference.
  3. Set 45 alarms. You might be good at pressing snooze once or twice, but after that 5th alarm you will probably work out you are sick of pressing the snooze button and actually get out of bed. You are awake now anyway!
  4. Get a gym buddie to arrange some face time 5min after alarm time. People are 75% more likely to achieve their goals when they are accountable to someone else.
  5. Stick a photo of your summer body on the fridge and on your bathroom mirror to remind you that you will survive a 6 degree morning.

Hopefully these tips help you to stay on track or get back on track this Winter!