5 things that make exercising easier

Exercising is that thing that everyone needs in order to keep your bones strong especially as we age, keep you fit so you can make a quick dash out of the rain without having a heart attack and generally staying healthy.

But sometimes all of the science still isn’t enough to get you to a 5am class or keep consistent with your training.


So here are 5 things we make sure happens in our classes and PT to give you the maximum chance to achieving your goals:

  1. A supportive community. This is a priority to feeling welcomed. You want to know you are in a safe environment when you walk into the gym and see a group of people to appear to know what they are doing. Friendly faces and other members who can help you through your class. Eventually these people become your friends.
  2. A trainer who knows you and what you need. We offer group fitness with a special gift – that the class is tailored around your injuries, limitations and abilities. We believe that everything can be modified so that you can keep your routine because habits are what create success.
  3. Fun. Very rarely do we want to do things that aren’t fun. So in each class you will see us laughing, smiling and making the most of our time together. Sure, exercise brings us together, but we can do more than that. The social events we do regularly keep the fun and atmosphere alive in our studio.
  4. Variety. Just like your food, our classes offer variety every single time. It’s good for your body and good for your mind. Variety is a key component to progression and the fun factor.
  5. Goal setting. It can be really helpful to have a trainer help you set realistic goals for you. Sometimes, actually most times I find our members don’t know their own potential, so a conversation with your trainer can be insightful in that they can help you see the best version of you.


We love having new people in our studio and seeing them progress!

If this is something you are looking for, check out our 14 day trial!