Achieving You Run Club

Why does everyone love run club?

Run Club is open to everyone of all fitness levels. It’s a great way to get fit, get outdoors and get into running.

We train twice a week – one session is based around aerobic fitness which means an easy run for a longer time to increase endurance and the other session is based around anaerobic fitness which is short, sharp runs to improve speed and increased calorie burn.

We enter various events throughout the year, which gives us direction for training and provides a lot of fun socially because we always end up having breakfast afterwards!! (the best part!)

Check out the events section of our website to see what we have planned for the year.

We always have new people starting which means you will always fit in! If you are keen to give running a try or want to improve your technique, come and give us a try – first week free!

​For more information, contact Janet (MB:  0427 167 288; email:

We have competed in many different events including:

  • Bridge to Brisbane
  • 500KM endurance relay
  • 100KM ultra team river run
  • Brisbane Running Festival
  • Jetty to Jetty
  • Gold Coast 10km and Half Marathon
  • Twilight 10km and Half Marathon
  • Kokoda Challenge 5km & 10km

POSE running is what we focus on

Check this short video out on the breakdown on running technique

Some Lives We have Changed…

When Wednesday night boot camp classes had come to an end I was apprehensive about what I was going to do as a replacement. Achieving You Director Janet McMinn, suggested that I join the Wednesday night Run Club as a substitution. My initial thoughts were “I’m not a runner” “I don’t enjoy running” “I won’t be able to keep up with everyone”. With over a year attending Run Club those thoughts are void and it has now become a class that I thoroughly enjoy and will make certain I can regularly attend.

With week night and weekend circuits, marathons and fun runs, it has also developed into a social feature. Classes and circuits consistently vary every week which keeps it interesting and challenging.

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and I am still attending run club. I might be getting bigger and slower every week but that seems to be irrelevant as everyone’s fitness levels are non identical, and the classes are tailored to suit everyone’s individual needs. This makes the classes more enjoyable and comfortable, and being pregnant has kept me motivated to continue maintaining my fitness levels throughout my pregnancy.

While I can, I will continue to attend run club and look forward to pursuing it again post baby with Janet’s ongoing support.

Lis Parsens

Having not run a single kilometre in more than 7 years following three ankle operations and two babies, I signed up to Achieving You’s 6 Week Running  Program with much trepidation and nervous anticipation.

However, the program was paced for all types and fitness levels, and I never felt out or place or that I was too slow to participate. The group was full of lovely encouraging normal people (non-marathon types!), and Janet designed sessions that were interesting and challenging. Over the course of the program I went from running 3 kms to 8 kms, improved my pace and technique, lost weight and gained  fitness, as well as reinvigorated my motivation to run as a regular part of my training routine.

Bec Landon

Prior to participating in Achieving You’s 6 week running program I saw running as a necessary evil. In the past I have most certainly had moments of “enjoying running”, but I never loved it. I ran simply because I felt it was an important form of cardio exercise. After the 6 week program, running has now become my favourite form of exercise.

I joined the 6 week program for one express reason – to get back into running after an injury. I injured my knee late last year, and had been sidelined from running for over four months. The program provided me with the ability to start running again in a structured and supportive environment. Within 6 short weeks I went from running 3 km to 10 km.

The information and handouts provided throughout the program have been incredibly helpful. In particular, the detailed information provided on post-run stretches has proven invaluable.

The running program catered for a wide range of running abilities and experience. The atmosphere was incredibly welcoming and supportive. Arising from the program I am up and running again (literally) and I have also improved my running pace and confidence.

As part of the running program I also started going to Achieving You’s Run Club on Saturday mornings. The Run Club is a great way to start the weekend, and I highly recommend it.


When Janet first suggested I come along to a run club session on a Wednesday night the first thing I said to her was “I can’t run and I don’t really enjoy it” not to mention everything else that ran through my mind at the time. Well things have really changed in the last 4 months. While I am not breaking any records I have actually managed to run in my first race ever at the age of 47. Learning technique, what to do before and after running has made a huge difference to how I feel about the whole “running thing”. The support I have received from not only Janet, but all the other runners on a Wednesday night has made me already sign up for my next race. I started only 2 months ago!


I have had asthma all my life, therefore never was able to run distances. As I grew older it improved and after meeting my husband who loved running, I decided I wanted to give it a go too. I joined Janet’s run club in 2011, to train for the Bridge to Brisbane, I couldn’t run further than 2-3km at this time. With Janet’s incredible support, encouragement and training I managed to run the 10km race that first year. Since then I have conquered Mt Cootha, and run 2 half marathons, and I now using running as a way of distressing and for social enjoyment with the rest of the club. I am fitter than I have ever been – Cheers Janet!