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Do you find it hard to keep your new years resolution?

Do you have a fitness and health goal that seems really hard to achieve?

You are 4 times more likely to achieve your goal with support. That’s where we come in.

We really want to see you finally reach that goal and we can make it so much easier for you. We will guide you, support you and give you advice along the way.

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Personal training, outdoor fitness, 8 week challenges and more!

Brisbane Northside (Stafford) Fitness & Wellbeing

At Achieving You we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and have lots of fun along the way!

We have over 17 classes to choose from including strength, cardio, bootcamp, running, yoga and more! There is something for everyone.

Most of our classes are outdoors which is a really positive way to spend your time exercising, because most of our hours are spent indoors. We also have many undercover areas. So even in the wet weather – we can still exercise!

Throughout the year we have 8 week challenges for weight loss and strength, running programs, detox plans and more. There is always something to keep you motivated. Check out our events for what we have planned for this year.

Along with that, we love to be social. We are always doing something active and fun. Come along for a 7 day free trial and check us out!

Having not run a single kilometre in more than 7 years following three ankle operations and two babies, I signed up to Achieving You’s 6 Week Running Program with much trepidation and nervous anticipation. However, the program was paced for all types and fitness levels, and I never felt out or place or that I was too slow to participate. The group was full of lovely encouraging normal people (non-marathon types!), and Janet designed sessions that were interesting and challenging. Over the course of the program I went from running 3 kms to 8 kms, improved my pace and technique, lost weight and gained fitness, as well as reinvigorated my motivation to run as a regular part of my training routine.

Bec Landon 6 Week running program

I have recently completed the 10 week lifestyle challenge at Achieving You Stafford.  I have been part of a previous challenge and knew that participating in the challenge would help me focus on my exercise routine and diet.  Jude is a great trainer who is focused on ensuring that everyone can participate in the training sessions and works to achieve their goals.  I enjoyed each session whether it was in the studio or out and about.  I finished the 10 weeks feeling healthier, happier and looking forward to exercising. Participating in the 10 week challenge has got me back to Achieving You and I am looking forward to the continued results!

Megan Benham 10 Week New Year Lifestyle Challenge

The challenge provided me with the program to focus on goals that I had been chipping away at with slow progress for years – this 10 week challenge saw me achieve them and extra.  The specific timing of goal setting ensured my commitment remained, with Trent and other challengers supporting my commitment with positive feedback and advice.  Trent’s coaching on technique, progress advice and training program was absolutely the difference for me getting to reach my targets. He has a knack for keeping an eye on challengers (especially new-comers) for their safety whilst balancing a fun momentum of each session.  The atmosphere at the sessions is welcoming and exciting, with respect for hard work – the competition is with yourself, with the other team members offering only encouragement and support for you to get through the work-out.  Trent has a strong relationship with each challenger and ensures that you get the most out of your challenge.

Sal Leedham 10 Week New Year Strength Challenge

I first started doing PT with Janet 5 or 6 years ago following an injury which required rehab. I had already been going to gym classes, but as a result of the injury realized I was not as strong as I had thought, and lost a lot of confidence. Janet helped me regain function, strength and confidence. Janet has always shown interest in my goals, and has taken the time to know me as a person.  She is encouraging and optimistic and I trust her implicitly. I know that she won’t put me in a situation where I get hurt, and if she tells me I can do a particular exercise, I believe her. I have never been fitter, and as an added bonus, pt is cheaper and more effective for me than therapy 🙂

Tania LawrieLong term client of Janet McMinn


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