Why Monday workouts are so important

Monday sets the stage for the week. They start the week off with a bang and set you up with good intentions for the whole week. Even if s**t hits the fan during the week, you know you got one workout under your belt.


Weekends can also be a time for some slight downward movement in the diet and exercise area, so Mondays can give you that confidence to get back up and start heading in the right direction again.


Mondays get the weekly routine back on track. You start with some exercise, then you start to eat better, and of course, you sleep better. When we sleep better we make better decisions. This will usually mean that you choose to continue to workout for the rest of the week.


When we miss a Monday, it’s easy to convince yourself to hit snooze and then you miss Tuesday. Missing one day, that’s ok, but 2 days in a row can then create a habit. And if it means your eating goes in the same direction as your workouts, well let’s just say it’s easier to get up on a Monday than tackle that problem a few months later with a less energetic body.


And you are not alone, most people want to have a sleep in on a Monday morning, but just know that once you get to your class or the gym, and you see your regular gym buddies, you are reminded why you all got up for this workout. Because Mondays start your weekly routine of being a healthy, happy and fit individual.


So let’s do Mondays together! Let’s own this week people!