For beginner to advanced. Our Mat Pilates serves all purposes and ignites the core and glutes over a 45 minute session.

Excellent for runners wanting to take their running to a new level with strong legs for faster running.

Excellent for restoring correct posture.

Abs & Glutes

Just like the name suggests – it’s all about abs and glutes.

Good for anyone wanting to strengthen their glutes (butt!) for running, to lift heavier or for anyone wanting a more shaped butt.

We give a full ab workout as well in this class, hitting your abs from all different angles.

It has something for everyone!


A full strength session designed to build bone density, increase muscle mass, tone your body and build a strong foundation for runners. This class will also have a combo of the big lifts (deadlifts, bench press & squat) to ensure you feel the whole body at the end of this session


A mix of boxing class for everyone


If you are looking for a session that works your body with a big focus on mobility and strength, this is for you. A total body weight session (no weights at all) but don’t be fooled, this session will work the fittest!

Run Club & Walk club

A combo of long runs, sprinting and hills to take your running to a new level. The program is adjusted to suite your individual ability—no-one will be left behind! Start with walking and build yourself up.

This is also open to any walkers who want to get outdoors and have a little social start to their week.

We understand not everyone wants to run, but still wants to move their body and be apart of the crew. So to all walkers, WELCOME! You will meet with the run club crew and have coffee with us a the end. Let’s get everyone involved!!


A 45 minute HIIT session to get your metabolism going!

This class covers all basis; strength, high intensity and endurance.


Power is strength + speed. You will get a whole body workout with each exercise working at your full capacity. Great for increasing strength because this class teaches you to move fast under load.