Time management, what is it and where do we buy it?

Time is something we seem to just never have enough of. So how can we fit in more things into our life if we are already full? Well, it’s all about scheduling time for things now to save time later. Let me give you an example (and yes you would have heard of this before!): get meat out of the freezer now and put it in the fridge for dinner tomorrow night.  Another example: cook extra dinner and put it in a container when you are serving your dinner, then your lunch for tomorrow is done. All of these little things add up to a massive TIME SAVER! Trust me, I do them everyday and it not only saves me tonnes of time, but also loads of stress. Gone are the days when I would spend all day and then half the night thinking about what to have for dinner, then to have a late dinner and something not as healthy as it could have been, all because I didn’t spend 5 minutes yesterday to think about it. Sound familiar?

Here are a few tips that can help save you time and worry. Lets find more time for the fun stuff and less time for the boring stuff. I’m all for that!

  1. Meal Plan – sounds boring doesn’t it? Yeah well it doesn’t have to be. This is my first go to when helping clients achieve their goals, and it works. You will go from stressed, tired and unhealthy eating to energetic, excited about food and a great role model for your kids. Let’s get everyone involved! Ok, one step at a time LOL. Get a scrap of paper, write MONDAY – SUNDAY on the top (yes, it is that simple and doesn’t have to be pretty), now write your meals for the week. Keep it simple, chicken breasts with salad, lamb cutlets with steamed greens, pork chops with coleslaw. Whatever it is, write it down and then stop thinking about it.
  2. Make extra food at dinner – cook up a few extra vegies and a bit of meat and woola! you have lunch for the next day. You will always find a container on the bench while I am serving up dinner. It takes me .5 of a second and then I don’t need to think about eating healthy the next day. It’s happening!
  3. Choose your exercise and write it down – Think about what exercise you want to do this week, write your plan (make it realistic) and then just do it. “I’ll do it tomorrow” never comes, you know that. And that snooze button – yeah it’s not your friend. By making a realistic plan it makes it achievable. EG: Monday cardio 515am, Wednesday running 6pm,, Thursday weights 630pm, Saturday cardio 7am. You know you can do this because you aren’t asking yourself to get up at 4am every morning, you also aren’t asking yourself to have a late night post exercise. It’s a nice. split. Write it down, and stick to it.
  4. Plan you trip to the gym – So you have chosen your exercises, well done, now let’s make it really easy  –  get your clothes out the night before if you are doing an early morning class. If you are going from work to the gym, pack your bag and I mean everything, Don’t forget the socks, or the bra or the top. Have a little checklist and pack it all. No excuses, that’s how we make things happen.

These are just a few tips to help make life easier for you. We want to do these things that we enjoy and that we know are good for us, so let’s make it easy and take the stress, the thought and the time out of it. Do it now and save it later.