A word from our member Alison Hopes

As a mother of two young boys and working full time I’m often asked what keeps me motivated to train consistently 4 to 5 times a week. Top of my list is making it a priority! It is ‘me time’. I get to be inspired by the trainers and spend time with other motivated and fun members, whilst staying fit and healthy.

I pick my ‘must go to’ classes and don’t waiver from that. I then make it a part of my weekly routine and even when work gets busy (especially at end of term/semester), I make sure I keep going at my routine times. If I have a work event on and can’t make a session one week (e.g. Parent teacher interviews, meetings, subject selection evenings), I make sure I choose another session to replace it that week. No excuses! Achieving You has a great range of classes at a variety of times to enable me to adapt. I even pick a few extra classes to shake things up in the holidays (e.g. Mums’ classes).

There are definitely times throughout the year where it gets a little tougher to stay motivated, but I am always glad I stayed focused and attended the workout. In fact it makes such a difference to my wellbeing and outlook that I had students in one of my classes last year trying to predict which mornings I attended Bootcamp! They believed they could pick it based on my mood that day. They claimed I was always more ‘peppy’ on the days I attended. Not very surprisingly, they could pick it every time! I love to show them that doing something that’s good for me, consistently, reaps so many more benefits than just my own health! Sure, I have to get out of bed early, sometimes in the cold and rain, but afterwards I’ve always shared a few laughs and feel physically and mentally refreshed!

So what can you do to increase your training days?

Take a leaf out of Alison’s book, choose your classes and stick to it! It is all about making it a priority.
Priority means: the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important than others. Alison makes her health and fitness a priority, and this is how she stays fit and active. You can to! Choose your health and you will ultimately be more productive and happier at work.
We look forward to seeing you at more classes!

Alison has been a long time member of Bootcamps / Achieving You. She is a full time teacher, mother of 2 and a wife. She also attends our classes more than 4 times each week and is a regular strength challenger. We asked Alison how she balances it all.