5 Top clean eating habits

Are you struggling to find the time to make healthy choices? Are you getting home from work late and just grabbing some takeout on the way home or missing a meal completely because the thought of putting a meal together is just too hard? We get it! It can be hard to make the right choices if you haven’t got the right steps in place to make life easy. Because the last thing you want is another job with time you don’t have. The solution is here! Check out my 5 top clean eating tips to transform your unhealthy choices into easy, simple, delicious, time saving meals. You can do it! I’ve seen people turn their lives around with these 5 simple tips and watched them go from lethargic, unmotivated and stressed about food people to happy, energized and leaner people. You can do it too! Check out my suggestions and watch yourself transform.



  1. Make a list

Work out what you are going to eat for the week and put it on the fridge. This then makes it easy for the family to have some input so it keeps everyone happy and you can save time after work, at night and during the day, because you don’t need to think of something to eat.


  1. Food shopping once a week

You know what you are eating for the week, so now you write a food list and go to the shops. You are more likely to eat healthy and not overeat if you are prepared not only in your fridge, but also in your mind. Set yourself free of poor food choices. This saves you going to shops when you are starving, it’s dark, it’s late and you have no idea what to cook a hungry family that night. Save yourself the hassle – go once and it’s all over.


  1. Make a massive salad

It’s really easy to eat a good healthy and fulfilling lunch when you can put some leftover meat with a massive already prepared salad. A good salad with last a week, just leave the dressing off until you are ready to eat it. Then all you have to do is scoop out your portion into your container for work in the morning, add some protein (tuna, sardines, meat from last night etc) and you have lunch sorted! You are halfway there.


  1. Pre-Cut your vegies

You are going to make dishes – so just make them once. Cut two nights worth of vegies at once, cook tonight’s and store tomorrow night’s in a container in the fridge. This also saves cleaning time later. So when you get home late your dinner prep has been cut in half!


  1. Stick to the plan

You’ve made a plan, you’ve done the shopping, you’ve prepped yourself, the family and your food – now just stick to it. Avoid the emotional eating after a bad day at work when you just want a wine and some takeaway because your boss annoyed you. You know you will feel like crap tomorrow. Let off some steam or relax after dinner with some TV, a nice stretch or a walk. Stick to your plan. You will feel better for it.


Here’s how my client Katelyn felt after she adapted these simple principals:

“The tailored dietary advice provided to me by Janet has been invaluable. A great deal of Janet’s advice related to me simply tweaking my diet, and making small changes. These small changes however have had a hugely positive impact! Her advice is practical and is predicated upon making sustainable long-term changes for a healthier and cleaner diet.


I have not only lost weight, but have also increased my fitness. Most importantly, rather than staggering through the final weeks of 2016 feeling worn out and making bad food choices, I am energised and have the strategies in place to ensure I enjoy Christmas and the New Year without overindulging”.


Do you need a little motivation so the winter kilos don’t happen this year?

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