Protein packed breakfast – and it’s easy!

Having protein for breakfast is one of the best ways to kick the 3pm sweet tooth craving. Why? Because it sets your body up with lots of fuel from the start. While there are some really good and healthy carb breakfasts, I find it leaves me hungry a little while after. So for a past […]

Chocolate – like never before (and yes, it’s good for you)

Be warned, this is AMAZING and you will want more. I discovered this recipe from Sofie Van Kempen, Nutritionist and exciting recipe extraordinaire (you can find her on Instagram) just before Easter, so the idea was to make Easter eggs (as per recipe). But time got away and I have finally discovered my new love […]

Healthy Ceaser Salad Dressing

Golden Turmeric Chicken Stirfry

Serves 4-5 people ·  2-3 tsp curry powder ·  1 tsp ground turmeric ·  1 tsp ground cumin ·  1/2 tsp salt ·  1/2 tsp pepper  (cracked black pepper) ·  1-2 cloves garlic  , crushed (adjust depending on size) ·  1 tbsp honey ·  500 grams chicken breast  ,skinless** ·  1  red capsicum ·  1 tbsp coconut oil ·  1 tbsp poppy seeds  (optional, for garnishing) ·  1 handful fresh coriander  (optional, for garnishing) ·  1 tbsp chilli flakes  (optional, for adding extra heat) Instructions In […]