One pot chicken massman curry

I am all about easy meals, and this one is all done in my slow cooker, which means I chuck it on in the morning and forget about it until dinner time. Love it! You could use lamb or beef for this one. I serve it with steamed veg or parsnip cauliflower mash, but go your hardest with your choice of sides.


The Ayam curry paste has only the ingredients you need, not all the added stuff

And when choosing coconut cream, choose the cream not the milk because it you want it watered down a little, add some water, don’t pay for watered down cream 🙂 I use the Ayam brand for this as well because it only has coconut cream in it, unlike the Macro brand I accidentally brought which as a thickener added ….. organic thickener but who needs crap added when … no you don’t that’s right.





1/3 jar of Ayam massman curry paste

1 can coconut cream

1 cup water

1kg chicken thigh (cut in half)

salt & pepper

splash of Cocomino original – coconut amino sauce



Put everything in the slow cooker at breakfast or lunch time (depending how you want your meat at the end of the cook – all separated or still in some pieces), put on high and away it goes!