New Year New You!

We are all about helping you kick start the year in the right way.

Good education around food, exercise, sleep, fun repeat. Our 8 week challenge is jam packed with all the right ingredients to help you loose the Christmas storage, speed up your metabolism and get that good feeling about your body back again.

Our challenges are different and that’s why the work. We love to teach the how and why when it comes to weight loss, because there is more to it than exercise more and eat less. Teaching the how and why is what makes our challenges successful, and keeps the weight off in the long term. And that’s where our focus is. On the long term. (We all know there is no magic pill right?!)

So we are giving away 3 half priced challenges!#

Simply write a story and tell us why you need this.

Just email us below and tell us your story.

Good luck!

More info, phone Janet:  0427 167 288

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#available for new members only

New Year!