Need a change?

Want something more personal in your group fitness sessions?

Have you had an injury and not sure how to work around it?

We specialise in tailoring workouts to suit you, all for group fitness rates!

Yes, that’s right. We treat you like it’s a personal session but you get to work out with your friends. Why? Because we know how much fun it is working out in a group, but we are also passionate about YOU getting the right exercises for YOU.

This month, we are offering:

# 1 x personal training session

# 14 days unlimited classes

# follow up from your trainer over the 14 days

# weigh in before and after

# exercise plan just for you!

All this for just $49. That’s a saving of over $50!

To take advantage of this amazing offer, call now!

Phone Janet:  0427 167 288

Email Janet: