Would you buy it if it was full price?

Somehow you have ingested a chocolate bar that you just brought at the supermarket, and it’s almost dinner time. Were you even hungry for it? Were you craving chocolate? Can’t remember. How did this happen? And why?   Let’s back track. You were shopping for dinner after work and you were going along perfectly fine […]

Winter weight loss tips

Winter is almost here. The days are getting shorter, the mornings are darker and colder and it’s difficult to get excited about green salad and outdoor training sessions. Unfortunately, the cold weather can lead to bad habits including comfort eating, missing your early morning training sessions, or just generally doing less incidental exercise. The sunshine […]

5 Top clean eating habits

Are you struggling to find the time to make healthy choices? Are you getting home from work late and just grabbing some takeout on the way home or missing a meal completely because the thought of putting a meal together is just too hard? We get it! It can be hard to make the right […]

Running – is it bad for your knees?

Running gets a lot of bad press sometimes. Someone hears of a runner who has got sore knees, or someone has developed arthritis and running is blamed. What we don’t often know is the full story. “Most studies show there isn’t any correlation between running and developing osteoarthritis. The biggest risk factor for developing osteoarthritis […]


post-baby body

I am a first time mother.  My beautiful daughter Elke recently had her first birthday and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. Nobody can really prepare you for how much your life and your body will change. Women also tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves and each other to […]


female pushup image

Pushups. One of the most common exercises on the planet. Trainers do them. Trainers dish them out. But why? Are they really that good for you? Well the simple answer is “YES” because when done correctly they deliver big bang for your buck. One of the oldest exercises in the book will work several muscles […]

Posterior Chain – What’s the big deal?


WHAT IS THE POSTERIOR CHAIN? WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO EVERYONE? WHY TRAIN THE POSTERIOR CHAIN? Not only can tapping into your posterior chain get you extremely strong, help improve athleticism and give you the butt of your dreams, it can leave you significantly less injury-prone, especially with low back and knee injuries. I am […]