Join us for a 21 day express challenge this month and stay ahead of the game!

Can you commit to 3 times per week training?

If the answer is HELL YES then this is for you!

Training 3 or more times a week gives you:

  • more motivation
  • quicker results
  • helps to loose weight faster
  • improve muscle tone rapidly
  • feel confident about your body

Our 21 day express challenge gets you training with like-minded people so you can achieve your results faster.

You will receive:

  • unlimited training sessions
  • One on one personal training session
  • Personalised exercise plan
  • Massage voucher
  • Positive accountability by your trainer
  • Detailed movement screening to set you up with the right exercises
  • Access to our Bench Press Workshop at a discounted rate
  • The most supportive team around you!

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Phone Janet:  0427 167 288

Email Janet:  janet@achievingyou.com.au